Jeff Samardzija Hits Paul Konerko in the Face; Was it on Purpose?

By Bryan Lutz

No matter how bad the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs are drama will inevitably arise from the Crosstown Classic. In today’s edition, Jeff Samardzija spiced things up, hitting Paul Konerko in the face with a pitch after Konerko took him deep his previous at-bat. While fans will say it wasn’t intentional because Jeff Samardzija threw an off-speed pitch, I think that is a cop-out of epic proportions. You can see the video here.

Look, I don’t know if it was on purpose or not. If I had to guess if it was intentional, I would say no because Jeff Samardzija legitmately looked concerned about the welfare of Paul Konerko. But I’m not ignorant enough to dismiss the notion because he threw an off-speed pitch.

Cole Hamels got suspended for throwing a fastball at Bryce Harper’s ribs. Now, granted, Hamels’ admission is probably the reason behind the suspension, but whenever someone hits anybody with a fastball, it’s automatically intentional. So wouldn’t you think some pitchers would learn to hit guys with off-speed stuff?

It’s not like Jeff Samardzija throws weak off-speed stuff. His slider or splitter is in the 85-88 range, which could cause some damage if a player was struck by a pitch. So it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that it was intentional, considering that Jeff Samardzija missed by about 15 feet, Paul Konerko homered the inning before, and there nobody on base with two outs. And also, Jeff Samardzija hit Jason Heyward earlier in the season after he hit a home run as well.

Mr. Perfect, Philip Humber, made a statement by throwing behind Cubs’ all-star first baseman Bryan LaHair in the fourth inning, causing Jeff Samardzija to lose it in the dugout.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t put it past Jeff Samardzija for hitting Paul Konerko, especially after hearing about the Heyward thing. And to simply dismiss the notion because it was an off-speed pitch is absolutely ridiculous.

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