It May Soon Be Time For The New York Yankees To Give Someone Else A Chance

The New York Yankees have struggled recently in losing five of their last six games.  Injuries and inconsistency have reigned over the team, contributing to their current slump and resulting in the club sitting 5 1/2 games back in the standings.  If their current trend continues, the Bronx Bombers may find themselves out of contention by the middle of August.

Should that occur, the team may want to give at least two players a closer look with the future in mind.

First baseman Mark Teixeira is right at the center of the New York Yankees struggles in 2012.  Typically a slow starter, “Tex” has taken “slow” to a new extreme as his April struggles have continued throughout May.  The 32 year-old is currently hitting .228 with only five home runs in 145 at-bats, setting him on pace for the worst season of his career.  In fact, since 2008 Teixeira’s batting average and OPS have steadily declined.  Instead of his struggles being the exception to the rule, they have become the norm.

It may be time for the New York Yankees to give a good, long look at 29 year-old Steve Pearce.  The Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees first baseman is hitting .315 with 8 HR and 22 RBI, and he is fourth in the International League in both slugging percentage (.557) and OPS (.965).  Given the way Teixeira’s statistics are trending, and the fact that New York Yankees backup first baseman (and current starting right fielder) Nick Swisher may be too expensive to keep for next season,  this year would be a good time to see if former Pittsburgh Pirates Pearce can produce at the big league level for an extended period of time.

Hey, it can’t hurt!

One player who has been called up, and may require a serious look is 25 year-old pitcher DJ Mitchell.  Recalled on April 29th, the right-hander has seen limited playing time, appearing in two games and yielding one earned run in 2 2/3 innings pitched from the bullpen.  While at Scranton, the hurler was 3 – 1 with a 2.75 ERA and had struck out 33 in 36 innings.  If he can pitch that way at the MLB level, Mitchell will secure himself a spot on the active roster (and possibly the rotation) in 2013.

Again, given the current trials and tribulations of the team in 2012, it would not hurt the New York Yankees to start giving some of the more talented players in the minor leagues a longer look with the intention of building the team for the future.


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  • http://yardbarker Frank Rodriguez

    It is time to give someone else a chance, but not @ first base. IT IS TIME TO GET A NEW MANAGER! Girardi makes a bone head move that does’nt work out and its the players fault all the time. Player get hurt and its the players fault. The pitchers get screwed up by beeing sent to and from the bull-pen and its their fault. The Jaba rules thing is a perfect example. Pro players need a day of rest in APRIL ? Are you kidding me. The manager should make sure that all his players are ready to go from day one and not need days of rest until July and August. The medeia needs to take the gloves off and stop treating Joe like he’s new new version of the teflon don manager.

    • Steve Skinner

      If you’ve read some of my other articles, you know that I do not give Girardi a free pass on any of this. In fact, like you, I question much of what he has done. His resting players in the first week of the season I found absolutely ludicrous. As you pointed out, the Joba rules stuff not only screwed up Joba, but I truly believe Phil Hughes hasn’t been the same since they skipped one of his starts in 2010. I disagreed with his handling of Gardner in the early going (appearing to platoon what was our best hitter at the time) , and continue to question his judgement with keeping the lineup as is, even though the hitters that are stuggling the most sit in the heart of the order. My article was basically pointing out two things: 1. Teixeira’s stats show a constant decline since 2008 and perhaps we need to redefine his role in the lineup, or , get what we can for him and give Pearce a shot and 2. Instead of always looking for pitchers in the twilight of their careers (Pettitte excluded), let’s give a look to the DJ Mitchells and David Phelps of the world…. It can’t hurt to try some things… Girardi lacks any kind of feel or imagination for the game and I believe it is slowly killing the team. Thank you for your comments. Believe it or not, I totally agree and appreciate them.

  • Tanned Tom

    There are only a few good managers: Leyland, Scoscia, maybe one or two others. Girardi is not in that class, but neither does he belong with the Jim Tracys of the world.
    As for Teixeira, he is yet another proof of the stupidity of long term contracts. This club needs to draw the line at 5 years. I’m interested in hearing how you plan on handling him becoming a part-time player. Let’s get real, he’s the 1B through 2016. What really needs to happen is to get the player to waive his no-trade clause and then move him. And while we’re dreaming, how about trading A-Fraud to Miami?
    Where we need to see what others can do is in RF. With the salary cap coming in 2014, they won’t re-sign Swisher. And Jones and Ibanez are not replacements. So after Gardner comes back we need to see more of Swisher at 1B, so we can see Jack Cust and DeWayne Wise in the OF.
    Then what to do about the mess of the rotation? Kuroda bites, Hughes can only pitch well against KC and the like, Nova has been awful this year, and Garcia only gets out of the pen due to death. At least we can trade Garcia and let Phelps and Mitchell spend the year in the bigs.
    Also trade Chavez (can’t stay healthy), Andruw Jones (can’t hit) and Cervelli (not MLB caliber). At every decision point the team needs to try a younger player first.
    I wonder if there is any chance of voiding A-Fraud’s contract due to steroid use? or of persuading Teixeira to accept a trade? Because that’s the way to begin fixing this team.

    • Steve Skinner

      I agree with virtually everything you said. As for Teixeira, tough. If he doesn’t like the team looking at other possibilities, then waive the no trade clause and buh-bye. That being said, i’d only do that if the team was out of the running. That is the time to look at what we have in the minors. In the outfield, I’d love to see what Chris Dickerson can bring to the table. I watched him play in Syracuse in April and was very impressed. Hughes and Cervelli are both only 26 yrs old. They deserve more time..both are salvageable…in fact, Hughes has been much better over his last 3 starts. Thank you for the comment, it really touched on alot of good points.