MLB San Francisco Giants

Pablo Sandoval Hits Reporter Jaymee Sire In Face With A Shaving Cream Pie

Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants is one agile man. The Panda decided to give a shaving cream pie to Angel Pagan while he was being interviewed by Jaymee Sire.  Sire was aware of the Panda’s exploits but she was unable to avoid her own shaving cream pie to the face.

Sire wasn’t exactly happy with this turn of events and tried to chase Sandoval through the clubhouse.  She was not successful but she learned a valuable lesson.  Never turn your back on anyone in the clubhouse.  You never know who is going to sneak up on you and deliver a shaving cream pie.

I believe that Jaymee Sire thought she was free because there would be no way that a player would do that to a reporter in the middle of an interview.  She said the Giants had a loose clubhouse and she was right about that.  The typical rules were ignored and she ended up on the wrong end of a tradition.

I am impressed that she was that good of a sport about that.  I would certainly not react well to that type of situation.  I would continue chasing Sandoval until I caught him and delivered some vengeance.  She is apparently more professional than me, which is probably a good thing.

There is a plus side to this.  Everyone will know who Jaymee Sire is.  They might know her as the reporter that got hit in the face with shaving cream, but hey.  It’s a start.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.