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The New York Yankees runners in scoring position problem

The New York Yankees are basically treading water.  They are two games over 500 and in fourth place in the AL East.  They are five games out of first place.  The Baltimore Orioles are in first place and playing as well as they have in a very long time.  Are they for real, they seem to be right now.  I think their pitching will start to fade in the second half and they won’t be able to keep up this pace.  The Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays though are also in front of the Yankees and they will be the teams the Yankees chase for the two wild cards if they don’t win the division.  I think the Yankees will get better and the other teams a little bit worse.

Do I think the Yankees will miss the postseason, no I don’t think that at all.  The Yankees do have some problems though especially with the injuries they have suffered early on.  Their biggest problem though has been their offense and especially their offense with runners in scoring position.  The Yankees offense was supposed to be their strength and it has been their weakness.  The starting pitching has been up and down but that hasn’t even been as bad as thought.  The starting pitching has been better lately, it has improved.

The offense has seen Mark Teixeira struggle all season long and Russell Martin.  The Yankees have seen Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano hit but not for much power and they just started heating up recently.  Nick Swisher missed some time due to injury and they have been without Brett Gardner for about a month or more.  The Gardner injury has really hurt them because he brings a different dimension to the offense.

The Yankees though will get runners on base, a perfect example was on Friday night.  They had bases loaded no outs and didn’t score a run.  They don’t really score runs unless they hit a homerun and that is a horrible way to play.  They don’t know how to hit a single and drive in a run or two, they don’t know how to hit a sacrifice fly or a groundball when it is needed.  It is amazing how a team with so much offensive talent can struggle so badly.  I do think they will get better and people won’t pay as much attention when they make their second half run.

Is it possible that they don’t get better though??  I guess anything is possible but I find it very unlikely that they don’t improve.  It is still only May and there is plenty of time left in the season.  It isn’t like they are ten games out of first place either, they have plenty of games left against their division rivals which is the best way of making up ground.  The Yankees have to figure out a way to get their offense going especially when men are on base.  If they can solve that they will be fine, the question is will they be able to solve the problem??