New York Yankees Fans Panic Over Rumor That Season Has Been Shortened

By Steve Skinner

As a fellow New York Yankees fan, I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the social media after the team’s most recent loss to the Kansas City Royals.  Several themes came out of the numerous posts regarding the Bombers recent slump.  Some were humorous and sarcastic, others very serious in the critique of the club’s play.  Virtually all of them surmised that the Yankees could throw in the towel, the season was over.

The few of us “believers” were left in shock.  We must have missed the news telling everyone that the baseball season had been shortened.  No longer could the expression “the season is a marathon, not a sprint” be used.  It was obvious that the masses of so-called New York Yankees fans, who were jumping off the team’s bandwagon quicker than you can say “runners in scoring position”, had received word the playoffs would begin at the end of the month.  That could be the only explanation for the sudden wave of “end of days” behavior.

Certainly people weren’t panicking because the team stood at 21 – 21, five and a half games back on May 21st without having a dramatic reason.

Yes, the New York Yankees are the worst team in baseball when it comes to driving in runners from second and third base.  Yes, the starting pitching is giving up more home runs during games than the team hits at batting practice.  Yes, the team has lost 6 of their last 7, and their manager refuses to budge on making any changes to the lineup, but this is only May.

Maybe it has to do with the Mayan Calendar?

We all know that the timetable developed by the now-extinct people ends on December 21st, 2012.  Perhaps that has something to do with the lamenting hordes?

If that is the case, then, why aren’t we hearing from the fans of other “also rans” in the A.L. East?

I know that Tampa Bay Rays fans must be throwing themselves into shark tanks now that they’ve fallen two games back and lack solid production from their lineup.

Or, what about Toronto Blue Jays fans?  There must be guards posted at the top of the CNN tower holding back the suicidal crowds of the team’s faithful since they are three full games out in the division.  The beloved Canadian major league club has been plagued by a weak season from their home run champ and a thin pitching corps.

Finally, let us not forget about our brethren from Boston.  The team we sit tied with at the bottom of the division surely has driven their fans to hurtling themselves into the Charles river.  After all, their beer drinking, chicken eating, golf playing pitching staff has an ERA higher than our New York Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox have perhaps the only manager worse than ours.  If anyone has a reason to call for their team to give up, it would be the Boston fans.

Alas, I did not see one solitary complaint from any of those teams’ fans.

I wonder if all those that keep saying the New York Yankees need a complete overhaul and should work on building for 2013 might be a little premature?  Do the people who keep wishing George was back (so that he could clean house) realize that he is gone?  Is Michael Kay required to discuss the lack of hitting production with runners in scoring position every other sentence?

The bottom line is that we still have three quarters of the season to play out.  Believe me, I know that our New York Yankees team has not played anywhere near the level it is capable of, but then again, neither has any other team in the American League East Division.  In spite of our issues, we are only 5 1/2 games out, and Joe Girardi has not even had the chance to use the best team we have to offer.

The New York Yankees lineup has been handcuffed by injuries to key players – namely Brett Gardner and David Robertson, and they both will be back in time to contribute to a run at this thing.  If given the choice, wouldn’t you rather suffer through the injuries and problems in April and May instead of August and September?

Unless there really was word that the MLB season has been truncated, let’s let this thing play out.  There is still plenty of time for the New York Yankees to finish at the top of the heap because the season isn’t a sprint.  It is a marathon.




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