Time is Running Thin for Ike Davis

By Rich MacLeod

With his 0-for-4 performance last night in Pittsburgh, New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis is now 2-for-his-last-32 with just 1 walk and 11 strikeouts. 2012 has been a struggle for Davis ever since the first pitch on Opening Day. His batting average hasn’t eclipsed the Mendoza Line all season and it currently sits at .156. While he actually leads the team in home runs (5) to say it has been a struggle for Ike would be putting it kindly.

After a few weeks of the slog I was thinking ‘It’s just a couple weeks, slumps happen, Ike will figure it out.’ That just hasn’t happened. We’re nearly 50 games into the baseball season and Ike has not seemed to be able to get anything going. Two weeks ago when the Mets swept the Philadelphia Phillies Ike had doubled and hit a three run home run in his final two at-bats. The next day he homered off of Mark Buehrle in Miami. It finally looked like things had been coming together for Ike warranting people in the media to think the slump was finally over. Since that home run against the Marlins, Ike Davis has hit no home runs, driven in two and has just two hits overall in that span.

While they sit 3 games over .500, the Mets are treading water with a thin lineup due to injuries (Jason Bay, Ruben Tejada) and more struggling hitters (Andres Torres) it’s hard to say that the Mets can afford to lose Davis even with his struggles. That said, it may be time to do what was previously believed to be unthinkable. It’s time to send Ike Davis to the minor leagues.

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of examples of struggling players that are sent down to the minor leagues to get themselves fixed. While we all are fairly certain that this move is imminent, we also just assume that it will pay off. The real question is, if the minors cannot fix Ike Davis, then what?

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