How Are the New York Mets Winning?

By Rich MacLeod

The New York Mets are 14th in the NL in team ERA. The New York Mets are 15th in home runs hit. The New York Mets are dead last in stolen bases. The New York Mets have been outscored 211-182. By the Pythagorean Winning Percentage method, the New York Mets should have a 19-25 record. The New York Mets are 24-20. My question is, how?

The Mets are four games over .500 with a struggling bullpen, inconsistent rotation and a lineup that lacks any power threats. In fact, the team leader in home runs is Ike Davis (5) who is batting .159. By all means this team should be in dead last (as most people predicted) and yet, in a very competitive division, they’re an astonishing 2 games out of first place. Fans of other teams have been asking me lately, “How the hell are the Mets doing this?” Well, I think it’s about time I fill you in on a couple of things that the general public may not realize about these 2012 Metropolitans.

Two out runs. That’s right, the Mets lead all of baseball in two out runs. In fact, as of yesterday, New York has scored 95 two out runs this season which is a whopping 52% of their total offense this season. Not only is this statistic important because they’re scoring runs but two out runs can be a major back-breaker for the opposition. Think about it; Roy Halladay retires the first two outs of the 6th inning, leading 2-0, and walks Andres Torres. A single and double later and all of a sudden the game is tied at 2. You don’t think he’s frustrated?

Not only that but this team has taken on the perception of manager Terry Collins: Fighters. The Mets lead the league in comeback wins this season with 12, a number that would actually be higher if not for a couple of bullpen meltdowns along the way. Different from years past, this Mets team never says die. We’ve seen time after time this year when the team has been trailing in the late innings, you think the ball game is over and than boom! Fight is a trait you cannot teach a team and it is something that I believe is necessary when trying to become a competitive team. Look at the 2007 Rockies, the 2008 Phillies and even as recent as the World Series Champion Cardinals from last season.

Yes, you have to get big performances like guys from Johan Santana and R.A. Dickey as well as stellar starts at the plate from Daniel Murphy and David Wright but this team’s biggest asset is their ability to never go down without a fight. The New York Mets are true fighters and that is why they have been competitive in 2012, even when the statistics say they shouldn’t be.

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