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Roy Halladay Bobblehead Is Left-Handed


H/T TheBigLead

Philadelphia Phillies’ ace Roy Halladay has been one of – if not the best – pitcher in the last five or so years. So one would think a Roy Halladay bobblehead would be a cherished souvenir, even though that bobblehead is nothing like Harry Leroy Halladay.

Maybe the bobblehead people got confused with the other two Phillies’ aces, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels, because they made Roy Halladay a left-handed pitcher. Actually, everything about the bobblehead is completely unnatural. Let’s break this down for a second. First off, the obvious error, he’s throwing lefty. That error simply cannot be made. That’s like making Albert Pujols a left-handed hitter. Secondly, even if he is throwing lefty, where is he looking at exactly? Is Roy Halladay going all Luis Tiant on us by turning his back on the batter while he pitches? Is he trying to pull off the soon-to-be banned third to first pick-off play? And if he is throwing home, is he going to utilize a 180 to throw his pitch? Thirdly, why is he so happy? I don’t know if I ever seen Roy Halladay smile while pitching, except after completing perfect games or no-hitters. Lastly, I don’t think Roy Halladay has the clean shaved chinstrap for facial hair. From what I recall, he’s a tad more scruffy looking.

There you have it, folks. A full paragraph on what’s wrong with the Roy Halladay bobblehead. I didn’t even know bobbleheads were still popular. I have one, a Frank Thomas one, but at least that one is accurate to the person. I don’t know if I want to see the other Phillies’ bobbleheads. Will Jimmy Rollins be jacked up? Will Jonathan Papelbon not look like a complete weirdo? Will Chase Utley not have a First Aid kit next to him?

Sorry, that was out of line. I love Chase Utley.

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