Snoop Dogg: Rapper Tebowing Before First Pitch at the Chicago White Sox Game

By Bryan Lutz

Last night, US Cellular Field held it’s annual “Dog Day” at the park, allowing owners to bring their dogs to the ballpark to take in a game. And tonight, another dog is in town, with this dog throwing out the first pitch. Snoop Dogg, the Doggfather, for reasons unknown to me, threw out the first pitch of the Chicago White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins game. In order to prepare himself for the pressure of throwing out the first pitch – which so many others have completely botched – Snoop Dogg decides to go to one knee and get his “Tebow” on. You can watch the video here. Everyone knows by now how archaic MLB is about their video policy.

I don’t think anyone is allowed to properly go to one knee anymore and it not be Tebowing. Who really knows if Snoop D-O double-G was doing this to honor Tim Tebow or not, but I don’t care! TebowMania, baby! Snoop Dogg’s got it.

Snoop Dogg adds his name to the list of many celebrities who have jumped in with Tebowing. Now, granted, Snoop isn’t as awesome as Playboy Playmates doing it, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Snoop Dogg has had quite the career. He went from LBC gangsta, to Death Row rapper, to being featured on pop songs. I’m not trying to criticize Snoop Dogg – I mean – a man has to make his cheddar. But it goes to show that even the hardest of gangsta rappers always follow the mighty dollar, which is why I laugh at the people who say stuff like “this wouldn’t happen if Biggie and Pac was alive”. Sure, whatever.

2Pac would be making tracks with Taylor Swift within a year, and Biggie would be featured in a LMFAO song. And I’m speaking as a diehard 2Pac fan.

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