Rockies Owner Thinks His General Manager is the Best in Baseball

By Derek Kessinger

The Colorado Rockies are 16-27 this season, adding to a slump that runs a year and a half strong. Their owner, Dick Monfort, came out this week and said that his general manager, Dan O’Dowd, is head and shoulders better than any GM in baseball. Despite the underperformance of the ball club, Monfort believes that every person is performing their duty in the Rockies organization and does not know where to place the blame. Dick and his brother Charlie are not well liked in Colorado.

General manager Dan O’Dowd took over at the end of the 1999 season and has posted a 941-1047 record through 1988 games. For those keeping score at home, his club has lost 106 more games than its won during his tenure with a .473 winning percentage. His farm system has produced just five Major League pitchers out of over 300 drafted. His team has never won a world series and has had just four winning seasons out of the 12 full seasons O’Dowd has been in charge.

Nowhere in those statistics does greatness linger. O’Dowd mismanages players like Ubaldo Jimenez. He gives up on farm system players easily and moves on with older players, but then preaches patience. He has failed to develop an organization for ten years, but has no worries about losing his job. Overall, his trades produce talent for the trading partner.

O’Dowd has taught the Monfort Brothers baseball. They made their money in slaughterhouses. Somehow the kings of cattle cannot recognize a butcher job when they see one. As long as the Monforts can bring the Colorado fans in like cattle, they don’t seem to care about the product on the field. As they try to brand this season the “Year of the Fan” and sell purple from the subtly noticed “Purple Monday”, the product on the field is near an all time low. If O’Dowd is the greatest GM in baseball, than the Monforts have a scale that does not revolve around success.

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