Terry Collins Makes Right Move Not Sending Ike Davis to Minors

By Kevin Van Pelt

The struggling Ike Davis was mentioned to be going to the Minor Leagues, but Manager Terry Collins has decided to keep the first baseman with the Mets.

As of now, the Mets don’t have many options at first base and really have no choice but to keep him as their everyday first baseman. Vinny Rottino is not the answer at first base and sending Davis to the Minors would hurt the team. While Davis is struggling to hit the ball, his defense is irreplaceable. Rottino has not been hitting well in his short stint with the Mets and his defense is not close to Davis’.

The results have not been there, but Davis has shown improvements in his swing. He has been driving the ball more and isn’t pulling the ball as much. Collins and General Manager Sandy Alderson agree that it is more about what they see then the results of the at bat.

Sending Davis to the Minors would shatter what confidence he has left and it would be hard to get him to return to his old form. Davis knows that he belongs in the Majors and doesn’t want to take a step back to work on his game. Now obviously every player probably thinks that, but Davis’ mental state is the most important thing that needs to be taken care of right now.

If Terry Collins shows that he has faith in him, then it can put Ike’s mind at ease. He won’t have to worry about where he will be going or think about if his job is on the line during every at bat. He can focus on one thing and that is having a productive at bat.

The Mets are having a great season so far, but they needed to keep Davis in the lineup to help him get back on track. They are not a team that is full of depth and have to wait as long as possible for Davis to get better. With the struggling bullpen, it is harder for the Mets to maintain leads, which makes Davis’ defense even more of a necessity.

Collins has proven that he is the right Manager for the Mets and he made another great move this week.


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