Tim Raines Talks About Ryan Braun And The Steroids Era

By Eric Haftel

MLB legend, Tim Raines took the time to speak with me about Ryan Braun and the entire steroids era. In this portion of an interview done on Monday, May 14, 2012, Raines explains that he always played the game with everything that he had, and doesn’t understand how anyone could get to the point where they use steroids.

In regards to Braun, Raines said that simply, “the juries still out.” You don’t want to miss these comments regarding one of the darkest times in baseball history.


As everyone in the sporting world knows, Braun tested positive for high levels of testosterone in early December and on Janury 19-20, 2011, a three-person panel held a meeting to hear Braun’s case. Then in February, Braun became the first player to successfully challenge a drug-related suspension and appeal it.

The appeal was settled by arbitration, and Braun’s lawyers were able to get his 50-game suspension lifted due to a part-time urine tester, Shyam Das, failing to abide by the MLB guidelines.

The lawyers presented the fact that Braun’s sample was not properly contained. It had sat on the desk of this man for two days, rather than being properly cooled in a secure location.

The reason for this? FedEx was closed when the man went to ship the sample.

This was yet another asterix that is MLB’s steroid history, which includes the likes of Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.

Take a listen to Raines, as he explains what he feels happened with Braun, and the history of baseball’s steroid era.

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