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How did the New York Yankees sweep the Oakland Athletics

The New York Yankees swept the Oakland Athletics because of a good combination of good pitching and their offense has woken up.  Mark Teixeira had a big series and really helped them sweep the series.  The three starters, Ivan Nova, CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda pitched very well.

The Yankees won the game on Friday night by the score of 6-3, they won on Saturday by the score of 9-2 and then today 2-0.  The Yankees offense was the story as they continue to come out of their slump for the most part.  Teixeira is the biggest story as he took those three days off went back to the basics and has hit every since.  The pitching was great also though and the Yankees need that to continue.

The Yankees will hit overall but it won’t be there every night.  You have to be able to pitch and if you can do that you will always have a chance at winning.

The Yankees starters have started to come together.  They got Andy Pettitte back which is a huge boost and Phil Hughes has seemed to find himself.  If you add those two with the ace CC Sabathia and then Nova or Kuroda give you anything you are in good shape.  Kuroda has actually given up three runs or less in eight of 11 starts this season, it is just when he has been bad he has been really bad.  Kuroda needs to put a couple of good ones together and show more consistency.

The Yankees will now head to Anaheim to play three games and then Detroit for three games.  The Yankees really needed a sweep in this one and you can see their confidence rising.  Anaheim has had a bad start to the season but they have picked it up lately and it won’t be an easy place to play.  The Yankees have had their problems in Anaheim over the years.