Cliff Lee: Should The Phillies Consider Trading Their Ace?

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Cliff Lee is a man that’s been traded ALOT, including by the Philadelphia Phillies a few years ago. He’s no stranger to it, and it goes to show what teams think of the left handed star. The Philadelphia Phillies recently lost Roy Halladay to a Lat Muscle injury, and have been without the ailing Chase Utley (knee) and Ryan Howard (achillies) all year. The Phillies have won a world series, and been a mainstay in the NL east for several years now. They’ve decimated the farm system over the years making their MLB team as best as possible, so with all the injuries- they haven’t had suitable replacements.

This leads me to the question: should the Phillies consider trading Cliff Lee? The short answer is yes, but only if they’re getting a ridiculous package of players back. There are several teams that are going to need starting pitching at the trade deadline, and I question whether the Phillies can win it all this year- even with their current roster. Guys are getting older, and contracts are getting more expensive. The Phillies gave it a great run, but it’s time to at least consider rebuilding a bad farm system.

They also have guys like Cole Hamels (who is younger than Lee) and Vance Worley still around to form a solid 1-3 with a better system of young talent.

It’s not a terrible idea, and I don’t want to make the Phillies seem desperate. It still should be considered because Cliff Lee could bring a haul back. The Phillies should only pull the trigger if it’s a can’t pass up offer, and I doubt they get it.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Phillies can rebound from all the injuries, but I doubt trading Lee never crossed the mind of Ruben Amaro.

It should make for a very entertaining few months as we get closer to the trade deadline.