Hawk Harrelson Rant Video: White Sox Broadcaster Unleashes on Mark Wegner

By Bryan Lutz


During today’s contest between the Chicago White Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, we saw the worst umpiring decision of all-time, causing White Sox legendary homer broadcaster Hawk Harrelson to lose his… well you know.

It all started yesterday when AJ Pierzynski slid late into second baseman Ben Zobrist to break up the double play. A cheap tacit by Pierzynski, but definitely within his rights as a baserunner. Fast forwarding to today, AJ Pierzynskit got hit right between the numbers, on the first pitch, with first base open. Sounds pretty intentional to me. Pierzynski moseyed down to first base, knowing it’s all part of the game, and it appeared the drama was over. Then, the fourth inning happened.

White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana – who is making his second career start – threw behind Ben Zobrist at the legs, causing Mark Wegner to inexplicably toss the young southpaw. This decision by Wegner caused Mt. Hawk to erupt into a violent rage.

“What are you doing, Wegner? You’ve got to be kidding me. That is so bad, that is absolutely brutal. That is unbelievable. I’ll tell you what, they have got to start making guys be accountable. That is totally absurd. That just tells you he has — here’s an umpire in the American League knows nothing about the game of baseball. That’s unbelievable.”

Yes, I know there are some people that call Hawk Harrelson unprofessional. Well, duh. Do I care, however? Absolutely not. Watching other announcers on MLB.tv makes me enjoy Hawk more than I already do. The unbiased, boring play-by-play doesn’t work for me. Hawk Harrleson works for THE CHICAGO WHITE SOX, not Major League Baseball. Who cares if he is a homer for the team he works for? And this epic Hawk rant is completely justified considering how bad Mark Wegner is.

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