Matt Garza: Still On The Trade Block?

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Matt Garza is supposedly the Chicago Cubs best pitcher. That’s probably a problem. I know I’m the only one in the world that doesn’t think Matt Garza was worth the prospects Jim Hendry traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for Garza, but I think my argument is becoming louder amongst Cubs’ fans.

Matt Garza is an above average major league pitcher. There’s NOTHING wrong with that. On a good team with a good rotation- Matt Garza is a 2,3, or even 4. Matt Garza is not an ace, and it’s becoming tiresome in discussing it. An ace is a guy that takes the ball 35 starts a year and gives you a chance to win in each start. An ace stops losing streaks.

Matt Garza has not been given the contract extension he’s been looking for, and that leads me to think the Chicago Cubs will trade Garza if the right offer comes around. There are several teams looking for pitching that have a shot to be in the postseason, and I like to think they’ll be calling the Cubs for Garza or Ryan Dempster.

Should the Cubs trade Garza? That’s the million dollar question because there’s two legitimate answers to it. You can make a case to keep Garza, and you can make a case to trade for him.

I don’t think the Cubs are in a hurry to trade him, but I think Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are going to be very aggressive in what they want in return. If the New York Yankees put Manny Banuelos and Austin Romine on the blocks- absolutely. If the Detroit Tigers put Jacob Turner and Nick Castellanos on the table- absolutely. If the Toronto Blue Jays put Travis d’Arnaud on the table, I think the Cubs make a move.

It’s going to take a lot to trade Garza, but I have to believe he’s just as much on the trade block as most of the 2012 Chicago Cubs.

We’ll find out what the Cubs plan is moving forward, but Matt Garza isn’t guaranteed a spot in the future.