Is Jeff Samardzija Really The Only "Untouchable" Cub?

By Randy Holt

The Chicago Cubs made some waves on Thursday, with the report that pretty much anyone on their team is available to be discussed. Only one player was omitted from that list, and it’s not who you think.

Jeff Samardzija was listed as the only Cub that the team will not discuss trading. Not Starlin Castro or Matt Garza, Jeff Samardzija.

Shark has been excellent this season, there’s no doubt about that. He’s gotten better as the season has gone on. His fastball is excellent, and he’s demonstrated more control than many figured he would. If he continues to improve, he’s certainly a no. 1 or 2 guy for this rotation for the future.

But it’s still interesting/strange/silly to think that he’s the one on this team that is untouchable. Of course, just because anyone on the team is open for discussion, doesn’t mean that they will all be traded, either.

The Cubs are going to listen on Castro and Garza. Those conversations will be very brief before they move onto other players. Unless a team offers something absurd for Castro, he’s not going anywhere. Garza has been involved in trade rumors all season, but it would take a big time offer to pry him off the North Side.

There are guys on this team that are going to be traded. Ryan Dempster has been great, and that has helped his trade value. I can see a situation where the team ships him off at the deadline and brings him back in the winter on a cheaper, short term deal. But it’s hard to see him lasting past the trade deadline.

Bryan LaHair could go one of two ways. The Cubs could find a team that wants to make him a part of their team right now, as we’ve seen some very strong stuff from LaHair this season, and get something decent for him. Or they could end up dealing Alfonso Soriano or David DeJesus and move LaHair to the outfield permanently when Anthony Rizzo is ready for a callup.

There are so many players that could end up being traded at some point this season. Not all of them will be, obviously. But to take this report as anything to serious doesn’t make sense.

Any team, in any league, will likely “listen” on anybody. That doesn’t mean they have to say anything back about that guy. They might say Samardzija is the only one they won’t discuss, but I find it highly unlikely talks regarding Castro go anywhere and ones involving Garza go too far.

It’s going to be an interesting trade deadline. And it’s interesting that Shark was the name that has already found his way out of trade rumors. But as far as the the team willing to “listen” on anyone, it doesn’t mean much and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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