Toronto Blue Jays Player Brett Lawrie Breaks Story Of Mall Shooting In Tornoto

Brett Lawrie of the Toronto Blue Jays used social media for a great purpose on Saturday.  Lawrie was at the Eaton Centre Mall in Toronto when Lawrie broke news of a shooting that went down in the mall.  After Lawrie’s initial tweet, he sent out pictures of the scene and people responding.

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See, this is pretty big news and a great example of how social media can impact people’s lives.  This news got out to a lot of people before news stations could get to it.  Without Brett Lawrie, people would have not known about the shooting for a little while.  Using Twitter in this way makes it a great tool.

People rag on athletes all the time for stupid mistakes that they make on Twitter.  Brett Lawrie actually used Twitter for a great purpose.  Alerting people about the shooting is a big deal and he was the only person talking about it during the beginning of the incident.  That is a big deal no matter which way that you slice at.

There are no details about the shooting at this time, but hopefully no one was killed in the incident.  I would like to think that Brett Lawrie helped bring the news of the shooting to the general public.  He may have helped keep people away from the mall and out of danger.  He may have just done what anyone else would have done, but the news could have saved a life or two.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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