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2012 MLB Draft: Chicago Cubs eyeing Carlos Correa

The 2012 MLB Draft is here, and I can honestly say I’m excited for the Chicago Cubs. This is where Theo Epstein thrived in Boston with Jed Hoyer, and I anticipate the Cubs making an impact here. With all the hype surrounding Carlos Correa, I have to believe that’s who the Cubs want at number 6.

Not only do the Cubs hold the 6th pick, but they have multiple picks in the “sandwich” round, compensation for losing “B” free agents Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena. I remember back in 2005 when the Boston Red Sox went crazy with a ton of picks, and hopefully the team takes the impact guys the Red Sox took.

Carlos Correa is a guy whom the Cubs believe could be a 25 homer guy as an infielder. He’s still relatively green, but is one of the best bats in this draft and I think they envision a Correa, Starlin Castro, and Javier Baez infield in about 3-4 years. I’m starting to warm up to this pick a little more as I still think the Cubs need more impact arms than impact bats, but Correa could be the best option.

As a Cubs fan, this year is insanely frustrating. It’s tough watching a bad product, but frankly- to be successful, the foundation has to be torn down, and rebuilt and that’s EXACTLY what the Cubs are doing here.

I’m excite dfor the future and that starts today, hopefully with Carlos Correa or an impact arm joining the club.