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Bill Maher Buys Ownership Stake in New York Mets

Bill Maher has reportedly bought a pretty sizable chunk of the New York Mets a few days ago. The political commentator has financially helped a team that was in desperate need for it and should really help cash flow for the Mets.

Unfortunately, Maher won’t disclose the amount of ownership he bought, but i would imagine he got at least 5% (yes I’m making an assumption here) after David Einhorn almost purchased a major chunk last year. That deal broke down, this one did not and the Mets got their cash.

I’m a little surprised that the cash came from a guy like Maher, but still a cool thing. I wish I was able to buy some ownership stake in the Cubs, but all I have in the bank is about 700 dollars and something tells me the Ricketts family doesn’t need it.

With the 2012 MLB draft happening today, this came at such a good time for the Mets. Hopefully they’re smart with this money, as they can’t afford to miss big time on prospects and free agents.