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Dale Sveum Is Right to Call Out Starlin Castro

When teams don’t win in sports, people start talking. Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum had a few words of advice for his starting shortstop Starlin Castro on Monday. A few words that seem to have drawn a line in the sand.

“It’s the last straw. If he wants to play, he better start getting his head in the game. Period.”

“It’s not acceptable. These things got to stop happening or we’re just going to stop playing. These are things that my son does in high school, maybe.”

This of course happened after the Cubs were swept by the San Francisco Giants in a 4-game weekend series; and after Castro’s mental error cost the Cubs the game on Monday.

Castro decided to jog off the field with only 2 outs and the bases loaded in the fifth inning, letting the game-tying run score during what could have been an inning ending double play… yeah no big deal.

Castro did comment as well after the game:

“It’s very embarrassing. These things can’t happen. I apologize to my team and everybody, because that type of thing is not supposed to happen.”

Yeah Starlin, it’s not.

I applaud Dale Sveum for his call out. This is absolutely, 100% unacceptable, and cannot continue.

Castro has the potential to be a big time star in MLB. He already is crushing it at the plate, and is probably an All-Star, regardless of this mishap; but at times he just checks out of the game.

Fans will remember that Bobby Valentine called out Castro on the air last year for the same type of thing. So it seems that a year later, the problem still exists. That’s why Sveum is in the right to say what he did.

This is it, end of the line. Castro must grow up, now.

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