Houston Astros Will Select Pitcher Mark Appel With The First Pick In The 2012 MLB Draft

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The MLB Draft is finally upon us but some of the suspense has been taken out of the first pick.  Unless things change drastically, the Houston Astros will select Stanford pitcher Mark Appel with the first pick in the draft.  Appel could be a frontline starter for a contender if he develops right and it would be a great pickup for the Astros.

I am actually impressed by the length of coverage that is getting devoted to the MLB Draft.  In years past, you had to be a diehard to actually figure out what was going on in the draft.  Since the debut of the MLB Network, the MLB Draft has gotten the coverage that it actually deserves.  It was an untapped gold mine of views and interest and it is nice to see it getting covered.

The new MLB Draft rules will also make it more interesting.  You can not just widely spend on the MLB Draft anymore.  You have a certain cap of money that you can use.  This levels the playing field for teams who do not focus as much on the draft and risk losing players due to signing money.  It should make the MLB Draft a lot easier for people to follow.

For baseball fans, the MLB Draft is a great thing.  Things are finally allowed to be seen.  You can follow the draft easily and without much struggle.  That is a big win for baseball fans everywhere.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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