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Jed Lowrie: Should The Astros Trade Him?

With the Houston Astros out of contention, the questions surrounding Jed Lowrie have been heating up. Jed Lowrie has had a nice year as a SS for the Astros, and could bring some decent prospects back. My question is simply: is trading Lowrie worth it?

Look, Lowrie is only 28 years old, and if he’s turning into a slugging SS making 1.15 million- why would you trade him exactly? He’s young and a good player so unless you get a player that’s borderline super star- I would say trading Lowrie might not be the best of moves.

The Astros should absolutely look at trading most of their team, but wouldn’t it make more sense trading guys that are making quality money? Guys like Wandy Rodriguez and Carlos could be had at the deadline, with Wandy bringing the most back.

It’s no secret the Astros have some work to do prior to being moved to the American League West, but Jed Lowrie might be a guy to hand on to for now. See what he’s going to be.

The system is bad, but the first overall pick in this years draft should help in big ways, and the trading of other players should bring back a few pieces.

This is about being smart, and if the market isn’t top notch for Lowrie, there just is simply no reason to trade him.