Jorge Soler Should Be On the San Francisco Giants Radar

Jorge Soler has finally been declared a free agent, and there are a slew of teams interested in signing him. I haven’t heard much about the San Francisco Giants being involved, and if they’re not- they should be.

Jorge Soler is a 20 year old cuban outfielder, and a lot of scouts gave him a higher ceiling then Yoenis Cespedes. He can run, hit for power, hit for average, and has an above average arm, and should get a huge free agent deal from some team.

The San Francisco Giants likely need Jorge Soler more than most. They lack offensse throughout the organization, and I don’t think they’re going to continue surviving over the next few years if they don’t do anything about upgrading.

The NL West is such a winnable division every year right now, with no organization really taking charge. The door is wide open for the Giants, but if management doesn’t start investing in talented offensive players, the door will be closed sooner rather than later.

Jorge Soler should be a must get player for the Giants, and it’s surprised me to see they haven’t been active. I’m not sure what they’re doing out there, but they need to wake up before another talented player goes by the wayside.

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  • Bradford Adams

    The Giants organization wouldn’t know a good power hitter if he slapped each of them in the forehead. They know pitching. Period. I love the Giants. I really do, but we have to admit. Since the 90′s (and after Bonds) they have been a joke in terms of power hitters. Pablo and Huff came the closest. They were lucky with Huff for 2010. Posey is NOT a cleanup hitter. This is ridiculous. I long for the day when we actually have a really serious power guy in the lineup that actually produces 100 RBI