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New Aaron Rodgers Promo Ad For Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers released a new promotional advertisement Monday morning featuring Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

This is the fourth advertisement the Brewers have released featuring the reigning NFL MVP. Rodgers filmed numerous promos during his visit to Milwaukee’s spring training this past March. Three of the four ads have featured Brewers left field Ryan Braun, who is a close friend of Rodgers, and catcher Jonathan Lucroy.

A recap of the first three advertisements: In the first one Rodgers is trying to impress general manager Doug Melvin and manager Ron Roenicke by throwing a few pitches on the mound. He uses a unique three-step drop before he delivers a pitch. In the second ad, the more humorous of the two, Rodgers is on the mound once again pitching to Braun, who is forced to shield his eyes while in his batting stance due to the glare coming off Rodgers’ Super Bowl ring. The third promo has Rodgers pitching to Braun once again except this time he receives a phone call from Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. McCarthy is checking up on Rodgers in the offseason to make sure he is working hard on his passing drills in which Rodgers replies he has been throwing every day.

The new advertisement has Rodgers batting for the first time while Braun looks on as if to give him tips when necessary. Rodgers is lighting up the pitcher as he hits every consecutive pitch over the fence. He looks pleased with himself and even drops the bat after hitting his last home run. Lucroy finally stands up to tell Rodgers he is not hitting off their best pitcher as the camera finally shows one of Milwaukee’s racing sausages tossing his glove on the mound and kicking it in disgust.

This may not be one of the better promo ads but one thing is for sure it is certainly creative. My favorite is still the second ad where Rodgers blinds Braun with his Super Bowl ring and I really do not see any promos in the future beating that one for the top spot.

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