Seattle Mariners Nab Mike Zunino At 3rd Overall

The Seattle Mariners look like they’ve been looking at C Mike Zunino at 3 for quite some time. A lot of people had Zunino as the best catcher in the draft, but I don’t think the Mariners should have taken him. I’m all about taking the best player on the board, and I just don’t think Zunino was that guy.

I do think Zunino is going to be a nice player, but I just don’t see the star power the Mariners must see.

Zunino is an above average hitter with some good power. I think he’s pretty polished when it comes to defensive catchers, but again- I don’t think his bat is going to transition to the majors the way a lot of guys think.

We’ll find out what happens, but it’s clear- the Seattle Mariners were going to take Zunino all along. Good for them for sticking to their guns.

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