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Starlin Castro Won’t Be Traded

I might be incredibly naive here, but the Chicago Cubs CAN’T seriously be considering trading a talent like Starlin Castro. I don’t care what the offer is, anything other than someone like Justin Verlander or Bryce Harper would be laughable. Starlin Castro is one of the best young hitters around, and trading him for young talent is laughable.

I know reports were surfacing that the Cubs were interested in moving Castro, I just can’t for the life of me understand why the Cubs would ever want to do that.

Castro is a piece to build around, not trade away. Critics will continue to mount in the 22 year old shortstop regarding his plate discipline, but those critics continue to forget that this kid is simply 22 years old and still learning the game at the big league level. The fact Castro makes consistent hard contact is impressive. The fact he hits to all field is even more impressive.

This is simply not a move the Cubs should make and I HIGHLY doubt it’s even being considered.

If the Cubs trade him, I will be the most angry of them all because I enjoy watching him play the game. He might not be a gold glover at SS yet, but the tools are there for this guy to be a super star. Hopefully the Cubs don’t make a major mistake with this one, as it would really change my opinions about where this team is headed.