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White Sox First Round Draft Pick Courtney Hawkins Does A Backflip After Being Picked

The Chicago White Sox selected Courtney Hawkins in the first round of the MLB Draft Monday night.  Hawkins has the potential to be a power hitting outfielder for the Sox as he is just out of high school.  Hawkins was so excited about being picked that he did a standing backflip on the stage.

My first thought while watching that that flip was that Courtney Hawkins was going to blow his knee out.  The second thing that I thought while watching that was that the Sox got a heck of an athlete.  Their farm system is always trashed but it helps when you add athletes like this.

The White Sox are on fire right now and it looks like they have plenty of young arms.  However, they need some good position players in the minors.  Courtney Hawkins could be an All-Star in future years, which would be a great move for the White Sox.  I look forward to watching his progress in the minor leagues.  As long as he avoids the injury bug, he could come up to the Sox in three or four years.

I love when teams select good athletes.  By pulling off that backflip, Courtney Hawkins showed just how athletic that he is.  I know that this has to have Sox fans and executives alike drooling.  It is not often that you can add an athlete like Hawkins.  Heck, he was supposed to be off the board before he even got to the Sox.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.