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Chicago Cubs Draft: They Want Pitching In the Draft; So Why Draft Almora?

The Chicago Cubs have put out a statement after selecting 2 pitchers in the supplemental round.

“As we have been saying, pitching will be a point of emphasis,”  Jason McLeod said. “We’re not going to force it, but we are definitely going to try to infuse the organization with pitching.”

If that’s the case, why did the Cubs select high school outfielder Albert Almora?

The Chicago Cubs draft has started I dunno. I don’t think I have a good answer for that because I flat out disagree with the pick. I agree with the Cubs- they need young, high ceiling pitching. Yet, they select an upside outfielder that is years away from contributing. Great move.

Why am I so upset with that statement? The Cubs had the opportunity at landing the best college pitcher on the board, Mark Appel. They passed him up and he eventually went to the Pittsburgh Pirates. They also had the opportunity of drafting the top high school arm, Lucas Giolito, and they passed him up too. I had wanted the Cubs to draft Giolito for awhile since I didn’t think Carlos Correa would be on the board at that time, and I didn’t think Appel would fall. Giolito throws 100 mph with a hard breaking ball, and I have him as a future ace. He of course fell to the Washington Nationals at 16.

The Cubs selected college right-hander Pierce Johnson (No. 43 overall) and high school righty Paul Blackburn (No. 56) with their next two picks, neither of which stand out to me as a future top of the rotation guy. Johnson throws around 94 mph with an above average breaking ball, but that’s it. In fact, I could see him being a late inning reliever. Blackburn is a young kid that’s 89-91 with an above average breaking ball and developing change up. He’s got a ride to Arizona State so I could see him not signing.

All in all, I’m not impressed so far with the new management team. Seems a lot like the old one.