Ike Davis Needs to Go Down to Buffalo

By Kevin Van Pelt

Ike Davis has to be sent down to the minors if he wants to get his career back on track.

New York Mets fans were hoping it was just a slump to start the season, but now that we are in the month of June this can no longer can be considered a bad start. It is now becoming a bad season.

With the Mets having success without the production of Davis, it should make the decision easier for the front office to make. Davis has said himself that sending him down will not help, but so far nothing has helped him get any better this year.

Last season Davis showed so much potential before his ankle injury ended his season. It is hard to think that someone who could have been the future cleanup hitter being sent down to the minors, but in reality, maybe Davis isn’t ready to play at the big league level. While there was success early on in his career, he hasn’t had a whole season of success yet so what we have been seeing may have been an aberration.

What has been saving Davis from being sent down is his great defense. However, his hitting needs to get fixed before he becomes a permanent fixture in the starting lineup. Batting .160 is not an average that deserves to be on the Mets’ roster or in the starting lineup. At this point in the season, there is absolutely no risk in putting Davis back in Buffalo. Davis has not earned the right to stay on the team to try and figure things out. He is still a very young player who still has plenty of developing to do. While his swing has always been long, he needs to shorten up and having less movement. Adjustments like these are better suited for the minors and it would serve Davis well.

The question would then become who would replace Davis in the lineup? Josh Satin or Vinny Rotino would be the main candidates to take over as they are already on the roster. In my opinion, I would like to see Zach Lutz get another shot and see what he can do at first base. Currently, he is batting .307 playing third base in Buffalo and has only had eight at bats in his MLB career.

Only time will tell whether or not Davis will get out of this long slump or if Terry Collins will make the move to send him down.


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