Should the Mariners Put Felix Hernandez on the Trade Block?

The Seattle Mariners are starting to put some things together in terms of their minor league system- especially their pitching. With guys like James Paxton and Danny Hultzen coming along soon, could that mean the Mariners will make Felix Hernandez available to see what kind of market there is for the stud right hander?

There is no doubt that King Felix is one of the best pitchers in baseball, but I think if the arms in the minors are for real, it isn’t a bad idea to see what kind of talent someone is willing to put up to get him.

I’m not saying the M’s should even trade him. I’m saying put him on the blocks and gauge the market. If some team puts up a ridiculous offer to get him, it might be enough to pull the trigger.

The M’s are far from a big market team, and they’re going to have put a ton of money towards Felix in a few years to keep him. They lack the offensive fire power a lot of teams have, so it isn’t a terrible concept to bring those bats in by trading their best trade chip.

This scenario is highly unlikely, and it’s important to keep that in mind when reading this.

The Mariners aren’t all that far away in my opinion, and if they can get a few bats in that lineup- look out. Question is: are the M’s prepared to spend the money in free agency or build from within? Building from within is going to take some time, and by the time their ready- Felix could be gone in free agency.

Can you imagine what teams might pay to get king felix? It’s exciting to think about, and should be considered.

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