Toronto Blue Jays Interested In Trading For Chicago Cubs Pitcher Matt Garza

By Riley Schmitt

Matt Garza is probably the best trade chip that the Chicago Cubs have to work with.  If the Toronto Blue Jays have their way, Garza will end up pitching in Toronto before the trade deadline.  The Blue Jays are extremely interested in trading for the Cubs pitcher, which would benefit both teams.

Matt Garza is under team control through next season, so he is not just a rental player.  The Cubs need a lot more talent to get back into contention, so moving Garza for pieces is a great move.  The Cubs figure to be very active in the trade market as they try to rebuild their system and their team.

If the Blue Jays think they can contend for a playoff spot, they need to go get a guy like Matt Garza.  Garza would help solidify the shaky Blue Jays rotation.  He is not exactly an ace pitcher, but he would be a solid middle of the rotation guy.  In the AL East, you need good pitching to deal with all the offense in that division.  Garza would certainly help the Blue Jays in that situation.

If the Cubs could snag a top prospect or two, it would be wise to move Matt Garza.  I do not see the Cubs keeping him around after his contract ends.  If you want to get great value for him, it is best to move him this year.  If you wait until next trade deadline, he would merely be a rental.  That won’t get the best value back for a guy like Garza.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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