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Ty Buttrey Was Not Allowed To Walk At Graduation Because He Missed Rehearsal To Get Drafted By The Boston Red Sox

Ty Buttrey has every reason to be outraged at Providence High School.  Buttrey is the brand new fourth round draft pick of the Boston Red Sox and a high school senior.  On the night that Buttrey was drafted, his school held its graduation rehearsal.  Buttrey asked to stay home so he could answer the phone in case he was picked.  The school said no.  He asked if he could bring his phone.  The school said no again.

Providence High School should be ashamed of the way that they treated Ty Buttrey.  He has no choice but to be on the phone.  The fact that the administration would not grant him an allowance is absurd.  He was dealing with his future and he sounds like he has a bright future pitching.  Denying his ability to walk at graduation is just awful.

I hope that something happens and Ty Buttrey is allowed to walk.  This should not be taken away from the kid for trying to make moves for his future.  This circumstance is completely unusual and it should have been allowed to happen.  Buttrey could not help that is when the teams would be calling him.  They couldn’t change their schedule and Buttrey even offered to show up at rehearsal.

Ty Buttrey will miss out on his graduation but at least he has his future in front of him.  High school graduation is great but so is being picked in the MLB Draft.  Too bad his school administrators do not understand.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.