Can the New York Mets keep up their surprising start?

By garymarchese

The New York Mets have had a good first two plus months of their season.  They had no expectations coming into this season at all.  The Mets were thought to be at best a 75-80-win team.  They have done a great job though and are near the top of the division.  They came into this current series with the Washington Nationals with a chance to take over first place.  They have lost the first two games and looked bad in doing so.  They will try to salvage the final game of the series on Thursday afternoon.

The Mets starting pitching has been superb and that is why they have been able to compete.  Johan Santana not only is healthy he is pitching like an ace again.  Santana delivered the Mets their first every no-hitter last week and will ride high coming in the start against the Yankees on Friday night.  R.A. Dickey is also in the early running for National League CY Young.  Jon Niese and Dillon Gee have shown the promise that they do have as young pitchers.  The bullpen has been a little bit of a mess but with the starting pitching being so good that minimizes the bullpen being so bad.

The Mets offense has been pretty good as well.  I still am not sold that they are a team that can make the postseason.  They should be able to compete for the whole season though, especially with the extra wild card now.  The Mets competing for the whole season is a good thing, the fans will come back and that will help their bottom line.  The Mets are continuing to move away from the Bernie Madoff mess as they try to get their franchise back to respectability.

The answer to the initial question I was asking is yes they can keep it up but no I don’t think they are a championship caliber team.  Terry Collins has done a great job with them and should be commended and the team is headed in the right direction, which should be a comforting though to all the Mets fans out there.

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