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Jordan Danks Set To Join Chicago White Sox Major League Roster

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Jordan Danks is finally going to be a part of the Chicago White Sox major league roster.  Due to an injury to Kosuke Fukudome (who apparently suffered it from not doing anything), the younger Danks will join the major league club on Thursday.

Jordan Danks was originally picked to be an outfielder of the future for the White Sox.  However, an extremely high strikeout rate has held him down.  In fact, Danks might never amount to anything more than a fourth outfielder.  Then again, he is being called up to be a fourth outfielder, so that works I guess.  He won’t be joining his brother John Danks, however.  The older Danks needs to do a rehab start or two before he finally rejoins the big league club.

Jordan Danks will more than likely be used as a pinch runner and a defensive replacement late in games.  The White Sox are fairly set in their lineup right now, so Danks will not be expected to come in and set the world on fire.  If he can hold the fort down, the Sox could easily dump Fukudome and keep Danks with the big league club the rest of the season.

Maybe Jordan Danks can prove the people wrong and become that dependable starting outfielder that many thought he could be.  Right now, I just hope he can be a dependable pinch runner.  The way the offense has looked the last two games, the Sox need runs by any means necessary.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.