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The Yankees starting pitching can put them over the top

The New York Yankees starting pitching was a problem in April; they got better in May and have carried that over into June.  The Yankees are now ½ a game out of first place and tied in the loss column with the Baltimore Orioles.  The Orioles are on their way down and I don’t think anyone expects them to stay at top.  I would never rule out the Boston Red Sox but I and I think most feel it will be between the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees.  The Yankees have now passed the Rays by winning the first two games of this three game series.  They will look for the sweep tonight.

The Yankees have gotten great pitching out of Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia is the ace of the staff.  Phil Hughes in five of his last six starts has been really good; Ivan Nova continues to win even though he hasn’t been that great.  Nova though last night was spectacular and the Yankees hope that is a sign of things to come.  Hiroki Kuroda has pitched really well in his last couple of starts.  If the Yankees get this kind of pitching, everyone knows they will hit and their bullpen is still strength.  They will win the division and have a good chance in the postseason with this kind of pitching.

It is too early to think of this in the beginning of June but the division matters more then ever now.  The difference between winning the division now and having to play a one game wild card playoff is a lot.  I do think that Andy Pettitte will remain an effective pitcher and their number two starter.  Sabathia is not a guy to worry about and I think Hughes and Nova have the potential to be very good three and four starters.  Kuroda is a guy that can be more consistent and I think well as a number five starter.  I think the Yankees will start to make their move now and most likely remain in first place and feel good heading into the postseason.