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Will Andrew Cashner Get a Chance To Start?

When Andrew Cashner was traded from the Chicago Cubs to the San Diego Padres for slugging first baseman Anthony Rizzo, I’m sure most people thought Cashner was going to get his shot at starting. Well, so far that hasn’t been the plan as the Padres have been using Cashner in the late innings.

I think Cashner is going to get his shot at starting this year, and that the Padres are trying to figure out the most appropriate plan to stretch him out a bit.

Just because the Padres are planning such a move, doesn’t make a good one. I think Cashner is at his best when he can reach back and throw 100 mph in the late innings. I think his lack of third pitch makes him a tough sell as a starter. With that being said, San Diego is a pitchers heaven, so his fastball/slider combo might be effective enough to be an above average starter for the Padres.

Andrew Cashner reminds me so much like Daniel Bard. They both throw hard, and have an electric slider, but they’re both throwers, and throwers make for lousy starters. The way the game has evolved, you need a couple hard throwers at the back end and that virtually blow hitters away. That is what Cashner is.

It’ll be interesting to see when Cashner gets his shot, but I would suggest the Padres to trade Huston Street and immediately make Andrew Cashner the closer. That’s just me as a Cubs fan giving my take upon a talented former Cub.