Has the Subway Series Lost It's Luster?

By Rich MacLeod

When Major League Baseball introduced Interleague Play for the 1997 season, there was a buzz all around baseball. Never before in major league history did a National League team play an American League team during the regular season. New York was abuzz when on a warm summer day, New York Mets starting pitcher Dave Mlicki pitched a complete game shutout in the first ever regular season game between the Mets and the New York Yankees. However, in 2012, many fans and members of the media have claimed that they do not get nearly as amped up and excited about the Subway Series anymore. Let’s take a look.

Personally, I love everything about the Subway Series. Now while the buzz may not nearly be what it was 15 years ago, I still think the New York fans and even the players get pumped up for these series. Yes, you want bragging rights in the city and all that to me it’s more than that. The Subway Series is about two teams who have a short history with each other playing they’re hardest against each other even when one of those teams are having a down year. Take a look at the video below, you don’t get this kind of a reaction from just another regular season game.


The pre-game hype may never be what it was but it is clear that whether the games are played at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field, the atmosphere is electric. These do not feel like your ordinary regular season games. The Subway Series has had some unbelievable moments in its short 15 year history. Delgado’s 9 RBI game, Mariano Rivera’s first RBI & 500th save, David Wright’s walk-off double over Johnny Damon and so much more. There is no hiding that we have experienced some incredible moments.


To those of you who are the curmudgeons about the Subway Series and Interleague Play, take a step back, get rid of your frustration and go back to when you were just a kid watching a baseball game. It’s Mets vs. Yankees, New York against New York, even brother v. brother! This rivalry is intense, exciting and just plain special. So sit back and enjoy because these 6 game are just a little bit different from the other 156.

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