Minnesota Twins Infielder Jamey Carroll Has One Disgusting Hand

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Jamey Carroll of the Minnesota Twins has had a long career in baseball. Baseball is not exactly a sport where you can get away from injury free, especially as an infielder. In this video, Carroll shows off the injuries that his hand has taken over the years.

That is a lot of broken fingers and one disgusting hand.  I have broken some fingers in my day, but I am glad my hand does not look like that.  That just has to hurt on a daily basis, but Jamey Carroll continues to make sacrifices for his team.  It is admirable to see in a role player like that.

Jamey Carroll actually has a pretty good sense of humor about the whole things.  He even said that he was not going to be a hand model after his baseball career.  I am pretty sure that he is right about that notion.  Either way, it is great to see that he can admit that and move on.

Sports take a giant toll on people.  You do not exit the athletic world healthy.  I only played high school sports and have a book of injuries.  You just hurt in the morning.  Every joint feels like it has about 50 more years of work on it than it should.  That is why so many athletes have troubles with money.  You are easily replaceable.  You only have a short time to make it and some people over spend it.

Jamey Carroll is replaceable in baseball, but he certainly has given it his all.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.