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Alfonso Soriano Building His Trade Value?

Alfonso Soriano has had a really up and down career since he’s signed with the Chicago Cubs, and I guess that’s just the player he is. What’s good right now is the fact that Soriano is going through a really nice hot streak at a really good time as it could allow the Cubs to trade him. If he stays hot, and remains healthy, there might be an American League team interested in his services as a DH.

Alfonso Soriano is one of the better hitters on the Cubs right now yes, but he’s a black hole in left field and with the Cubs in the middle of rebuilding the entire organization, it’s time to see what some of the kids have in AAA. They can’t do that until guys like Soriano are gone.

The New York Yankees could be popping into the picture soon as they have an injured Brett GardnerAndrew Jones is pretty blah out there, so I could see the Cubs making them a focal point, and maybe while discussing Matt Garza or Ryan Dempster- Alfonso Soriano can come up.

I don’t think Soriano has panned out exactly what the Cubs were hoping he would be, and it’s mainly due to his leg problems. The second his speed was taken from him, he lost a ton of value for the ball club. None the less, he continues to play with his bad legs for the good of the club, and that’s something I respect.

Hopefully the Cubs can trade him because I really want to see Brett Jackson in action.