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Is Bryce Harper An All Star?

With Bryce Harper being under the spotlight, I must say he’s even impressed me with his play so far in 2012. Everyone knows about his claim to fame, so I don’t even need to address it. After starting out looking very uncomfortable at the plate, Harper has really settled in nicely. There are a ton of people talking about Bryce Harper being an all star this year, and I happen to disagree.

Look, the Washington Nationals made the right move bringing up Bryce Harper, but the all star game is a game about numbers. Harpers numbers are impressive for a 19 year old kid, but he shouldn’t be an all star just yet because the numbers just aren’t there.

If anything, I’d love to see Harper part of the home run derby as I think that could be a ton of fun to watch. Other than that, no way. Not yet. Again, what he’s done is impressive, and he’s going to be an all star year in and year out as he moves forward with his career, but just not this year. There are several more guys more deserving than Harper at this stage in the game, so unless he’s voted in- he shouldn’t go.

Maybe as an injury replacement, you can make a case, but with the game determining home field advantage throughout the post season, there’s just no way he can go. Not yet.