MLB Arizona Diamondbacks

Is Huston Street Available?

The San Diego Padres are in the running with the Chicago Cubs for the leagues worst record, and that makes me wonder if Huston Street is available. In a short answer, he has to be. The San Diego Padres have the number 1 rated farm system in all of baseball, and trading their valuable pieces makes sense. I know everyone wants to make Andrew Cashner a starter, but I recommend that he becomes the closer when Street does get traded.

A lot of teams need some bullpen help, and it just makes sense for that to happen. Street brings a long a TON of late game and post season experience, and that’s important to any bullpen as we get closer to the trade deadline. I think Street can bring back 3 prospects with 2 of them being close to big league ready. If they can get that kind of offer, it should be an easy trade.

With what the Padres are building, I think it could only be a matter of time until we see a Tampa Bay Rays run. We’re still a few years away but I think that time is getting closer and closer. There’s just no reason to keep Street at this moment of time, and I think it’s a matter of when- not if.