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New York Yankees Pushing Hard For Jorge Soler

The New York Yankees are still going to be one of the best teams in baseball with their pocketbooks. Whenever things get rough, they’ll spend more money to cover up the bad money invested. Must be nice right? Well, the rich are trying to get richer as Jorge Soler is being heavily pursued by the Yankees.

Soler is one of the hottest international players on the market right now and most of baseball is on his tail. Unfortunately, the big market teams are more in play, and is very likely one of them is going to land him. The Yankees aren’t exactly “deep” in outfield prospects, and could very much use the 20 year old cuban sensation.

Soler can virtually do it all, and most scouts say his talent levels would have allowed him to be drafted in the first pick last week during the 2012 MLB Draft. It’s incredibly important for the Yankees to get this sign done, and I have a feeling if they want him- they’ll pay him the most money. Let’s face it, when the Yankees want a player, they get him- and that’s the bottom line.

I anticipate Soler signing with someone soon, but it does appear the Yankees are emerging as the front runners at this point in time. Figures right?