MLB Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays Bullpen Phone Malfunctions During Sunday’s Game

The Tampa Bay Rays were taking on the Miami Marlins over the weekend when an unexpected problem cropped up. The Rays were in need of some bullpen help, but they could not get the bullpen phone to work. After a bit of a delay, Rays manager Joe Maddon had to send infielder Will Rhymes to the bullpen to deliver his message.

I guess you really can’t trust technology these days. Sometimes, the human element is just easier than trying to figure out a bullpen phone. I think the Marlins might want to fix that phone issues though. I can’t imagine that teams will be very happy if they have to send bench players to the bullpen to tell players to warm up.

Who knew that such a brand new stadium would have one of the simplest things in the park fail? Maybe they shouldn’t have spent as much money on that home run tower. Probably could have developed a working phone line with the spare cash.

If the phone issues keep cropping up, the Marlins could maybe run a promotion to get fans to the games.  You could have them run messages to the opposing bullpen.  They might be able to increase attendance for once.

It didn’t affect the Tampa Bay Rays in the long run as they ended up winning the game, thanks to some good pitching out of the bullpen. Would it have worked out as well if they had made the call by phone? Probably. At least Rhymes got a bit of a workout in. Always got to stay fresh on your off day.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.