Tim Lincecum Could Be Bullpen Bound

By Bryan Lutz

As we all know by now, the Mayan myth of 2012 being the last year on earth might be a little far-fetched. But with the way 2012 is going for two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum, he might start believing that his world is coming to an end. The struggling San Francisco Giants’ pitcher isn’t getting any better, and manager Bruce Bochy has even thrown out the dreaded b-word. Bullpen.

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This comes as no surprise to me considering I put a bow on Tim Lincecum’s career in mid-April with this article. So if you want to have a more in-depth look on why Tim Lincecum is likely finished, you can click on that. I don’t think it’s debatable that Tim Lincecum is likely finished as the pitcher we are used to, but is he bullpen bad?

There is no doubt Tim Lincecum’s 6.00 ERA is utterly pathetic, but he is also one of the unluckiest pitchers this season. The most telling statistic about Tim Lincecum’s horrible season is his left on base percentage. The average LOB% is in the mid-70s, but Tim Lincecum’s LOB% is an astounding 61%. That means two of every five runners Tim Lincecum puts on base scores. And when your WHIP is at 1.58, you are going to allow a lot of runs.

His .335 BABIP is the highest it has been in his career, but it checks out with a career high 26% line drive percentage. There is plenty wrong with Tim Lincecum this season: he’s walking too many hitters, his velocity is down, he’s allowing more home runs, his groundball percentage has decreased, and he is getting hit harder than ever before. But he isn’t that bad. His FIP is a respectable 3.66, and he is still striking hitters out at an elite level. Once that LOB% moves up to the mean, you can expect Tim Lincecum to bounce back in 2012.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim Lincecum is one of the better pitchers in baseball’s second half. Hopefully the Giants don’t panic with Tim Lincecum. The baseball gods owe him some good luck the rest of the way.

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