MLB Rumors: Chicago White Sox To Sign Courtney Hawkins

Barely a week after the 2012 MLB Draft, there are MLB rumors to be talked about starting with the Chicago White Sox who are on the verge of signing their first round pick, outfielder Courtney Hawkins, who the White Sox drafted 13th overall. With the selection, Hawkins did a back flip on live TV to celebrate him being selected.

The high school prospect is expected to receive a signing bonus of $2.475 million, which is the amount Major League Baseball suggests for the 13th overall pick of the draft. Scout say that Hawkins has impressive bat speed and power and could fit in the right field slot within the organization.

As a pitcher, Hawkins’ fastball has topped off a 90 mph but it is more than likely that he will become a fielder for the White Sox in the future. Hawkins is the first player selected in the first round out of high school since 2001 when the White Sox selected Kris Honel from Providence. As Hawkins was entering his final week of his high school career, the 18-year-old was batting .437 with 11 homers and 39 RBI. He also had a pitching record of 5-2 and recorded a 0.96 ERA with 57 strikeouts in 36 1/3 innings.

With Hawkins on the verge of signing, there will be no need to rush the young outfielder. Hawkins will have time to grow in the White Sox farm system and soon will the roaming the outfield on the south side.

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