Matt Cain Throws The 22nd Perfect Game in Baseball History

By Bryan Lutz

Matt Cain was simply perfect tonight as the San Francisco Giants’  ace threw the 22nd perfect game in MLB history, and the second perfect game this season. While many will argue Kerry Wood’s 1-hit, 20-strikeout game was the greatest game ever pitched, Matt Cain’s perfecto is now in the same category of greatness. Not only is a perfect game an amazing feat, but Matt Cain also struck out 14 Houston Astros in the process.

Matt Cain tied the previous record held by Sandy Koufax when he struck out 14 Chicago Cubs in 1965. The strikeout feat isn’t the only factoid about this game. This is the second time in the live-ball era that there have been multiple perfect games in the same season (2010 – Halladay & Braden). Also, 10 runs are the most runs scored in a perfect game.

Like most perfect games/no-hitters, there is also that one play we look back on that preserved the game, so look no further than Gregor Blanco’s remarkable diving catch in the 7th ininng.

Blanco, a journeyman back-up outfielder, ran down and snagged a line shot off the bat Jordan Schafer for what would have been a sure fire double. Jordan Schafer was also involved in a play in the 4th inning where he smacked a shot down the line that was just foul before crossing the bag.

It appears the San Francisco Giants made the right decision by extending Matt Cain instead of Tim Lincecum. Cain has been nothing short of a horse, while Tim Lincecum is pitching like former champion thoroughbred that needs to be put to sleep.

Congratulations to Matt Cain, the Giants, and their fans for being apart of what might be one of the greatest pitched games in Major League Baseball history.

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