Colorado Rockies Carnival Act Prepares For Road Trip

By Derek Kessinger

Step right up and see the worst starting pitching staff in the history of baseball. Prepare to be amazed by a team that cannot hit on the road, but puts up eight runs a night and loses at home. Relive the magic act that was the improbable team’s 2007 playoff run. Laugh at the irrelevancy that was the Blake Street Bombers. The Colorado Rockies, greatest sideshow act since 1993, now making stops in Detroit, Philadelphia and Texas.

The Rockies third worst record in baseball and an eight game losing streak is leaving town for a nine game road trip. The team’s lack of pitching, inability to hit on the road and illogical management decisions continue to perplex the Rockies fans, but come as no surprise to the rest of the league. The Rockies have never really been viewed as a legitimate baseball franchise for good reason. They have never had a legitimate season.

While Larry Walker led the batting title four times, everyone said it was the altitude, and later, steroids. The Blake Street Bombers era were the last time anyone gave thought to the Colorado Rockies. The implementation of the humidor, the move to Coors Field from the now torn down Mile High Stadium and the marvel that is Carlos Gonzalez have all largely been ignored by the general baseball fan.

What fans do know is that the Rockies play at altitude and so they cannot pitch and have ramped up numbers at home. In 2012, this has inexplicably been the case, even with the humidor regulating the action. The team is assembled in such a way that it has no pitching and some hitting. However, it’s not winning the team games with a sub .400 winning percentage.

The other thing the Rockies are known for is streaks. They won 20 out of 21 in 2007 on their way to the World Series. The Rockies had a huge June in 2009, and under manager Jim Tracy, that season finished with a winning percentage above .600. They also had a horrible end of September 2010 and May 2011, which effectively ended those seasons. Currently, the Rockies are on an eight game losing streak, with a nine game road trip ahead.

With this team, it seems very possible that that losing streak could be 17 games by the time they return home to face the Washington Nationals, one of the best teams in the league. For those that follow the team all the time, it is a perplexing, frustrating situation. For the rest of Major League Baseball, this is how they play baseball in the Rockies.

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