MLB Rumors: Should The Cubs Trade Geovany Soto to the Rays?

By gilgerard

I don’t know about you, but I can’t WAIT for the Chicago Cubs to rid themselves of “talent” as the MLB trade deadline approaches. With all these MLB Trade Rumors swirling, might as well throw one more into the mix. Geovany Soto is insanely overrated and will be in line to make more money next year. Ugh. Why? He hasn’t been elite in a few years, and he’s not getting any younger. So the Cubs should rid themselves now, and likely get some decent value for him.

How about this trade scenario?

Geovany Soto to the Tampa Bay Rays for Chris Archer and Felipe Rivero?

The Rays catching situation is pretty “meh” and catchers are at a premium in the big leagues. They can’t be okay with Jose Molina so I could see them being in a market for a non-deep position, and paying well more than they should.

I would love to see Chris Archer return to the Cubs because I never wanted him to leave. He’s buried behind some darn good arms in Tampa and would likely get a call up to the Cubs right away. If you recall, Archer was the Cubs best pitching prospect a few years ago when Jim Hendry sent him to Tampa (with 4 other prospects) to get Matt Garza.

Felipe Rivero is a left handed youngster who looks like he’s going to have a nice future. He’s been picking up more velocity on his fastball, but still has ways to go.

The trade makes sense, but I doubt it happens. Either way, this is what Rumors season is about. Finding players and teams to match up and let fans make their opinions known.

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