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The Curious Case of Jason Bay

In the winter of 2009, New York Mets fans were ecstatic when finding out that Omar Minaya, the team’s general manager at that time, had signed free agent outfielder Jason Bay to a four-year $66 million deal. It is now June 15, 2012, two and a half years later, and Mets fans could not feel more differently about their left fielder.

During his 2009 campaign with the Boston Red Sox, Jason Bay batted .267 while hitting a career high 36 home runs and driving in a career high 119 runs. That’s who the Wilpons, Omar Minaya and Mets fans everywhere thought that they were getting. As we all know, that has not been the case. In 239 games with the Mets over the past two and a half seasons, Bay has hit just 22 home runs with 110 RBI. That is incredible. In 88 more games than his entire 2009 season, Jason Bay has hit 14 less home runs and driven in 9 fewer runs.

While he’s had a few injury problems while he’s been in New York, that is not the reason for his struggles offensively. When he’s been healthy, he just hasn’t been the same guy and not only that but I don’t know if we’ve ever seen a real hot streak from him in over 2 years. Can he be fixed? This is not something any of us know but as the days go on and the weak fly balls and strike outs with runners in scoring position mount, the frustration builds up not only in management and the fan base but also in Jason Bay. This may be one of those rare cases when an athlete, in the midst of his prime, just simply loses it.

While the jury still isn’t completely out on Jason Bay there is no question that people are frustrated with his lack of performance during his entire tenure as a Met. Maybe he busts out of his nearly 3 year long slump, maybe he becomes a fan favorite or maybe he becomes the next Roberto Alomar, another name Mets fans know all too well.

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